Ambassadors For Christ Ministries, Inc. is concerned about the total person; the mind, the body and the soul. We are dedicated to reaching our communities with the whole gospel for the whole person through the whole church. We are concerned about the total well-being of people and communities. We desire to see all people prosper and live an abundant life. We will do our best to empower them by providing resources, information and the word of God.

Our Commitments

•Influencing generations by being a light and living a holy life style.

•Being accountable for our every word and action.

•Treating each other with love, dignity and respect.

•Encouraging personal growth by developing and empowering God's people.

•Improving our communities by improving ourselves.

•To be a blessing to our community by way of outreach ministry.

•To prepare future generations through the word of God and principles.

•We will serve in the spirit of excellence with integrity and compassion for our community, our nation and our world.

•We will minister to the lost and broken.

•We will empower people so that they in turn empower someone else.

•To teach the word of God to all who will listen.