Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Church Phone Number?

(859) 287-4229

Service/Event Request Form can be found...

Outside of the Administration Office.

What is the Church Address?

3891 Georgetown RD., Frankfort, KY 40601

How can I request to meet with Pastor?

Complete an online or paper request form. You can find the online form on this website and the paper form outside of the Administration office.

I need a contribution statement, where can I get mine?

Please see a treasurer.

I have a prayer request, where do I submit it?

Please see the tab "Prayer Requests" on this website. You may also submit it in person at the Greeters station.

I have a quick question for Pastor Jett, how do I contact her?

You may text your question or leave it on a voicemail at 859-287-4229.

What are the Church service times?

Sunday school starts at 10:30 AM, Sunday worship at 12:00 PM, Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study at 7:00 PM.

I need help paying a bill, who can I contact?

We currently do not have a benevelence fund, you may contact us via email and we will connect you to outside resources.